"We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct"                                     - Niels Bohr, Danish Physicist (1885-1962)

A Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

This website describes a mathematical model of a dual-state charged rotating black-hole electron which oscillates between a dimensionless mathematical black-hole realm and the dimensioned physical material world that we can  observe and which science can measure. The mathematical realm reduces to geometrical forms without shape and without mass, space or time, or other physical parameters, it is that realm postulated by Pythagoras and Plato and speculated upon by Max Tegmark. Our physical 4-D space-time world is a manifest of the mathematical realm via rotation of these geometrical forms (it can be argued that it is this rotation that confers dimensionality to our world).

Via this black-hole electron model the dimensioned physical constants of nature, 'G, h, c, e, me, kB' can be reduced to 2 universal dimensionless constants; the fine structure constant alpha and a recurring number denoted Omega. To convert to our earth-bound SI values also requires 2 scalable dimensioned units, for a total of 4 numbers; 2 fixed dimensionless constants and 2 variable dimensional scalars. Likewise if we were to meet aliens, we would need learn only the numerical values of their 2 scalars to solve their physical constants (see online calculator).

In the mathematical world our mass, space and time are geometrical forms without physical shape (without a physical radius). I then use 2 dimensioned scalars (see t-shirt) to convert the mathematical MLT (mass, space, time) geometries to the physical 'G, h, c, e, me, kB' SI constants. Results are consistent with CODATA 2014:

  • M = 1 (mass)
  • T = 2π (time)
  • P = Ω (sqrt of momentum)
  • L = 2π2Ω2 (length)
Premise behind the model:
  • the dimensions mass, space and time in a particular ratio cancel to form a dimensionless state. This ratio is found in the electron. It is proposed that a black-hole is such a dimensionless state.
  • the electron is constructed from dimensioned magnetic monopoles and time, when these dimensions overlap they cancel (see point 1). Therefore the electron oscillates between a dimensioned electric (magnetic monopole) state over time and a dimensionless (Planck) mass = (Planck) time = 1 micro black-hole state.
  • the sqrt of Planck momentum is the link between the mass/gravity and the charge domains.
  • this is a Planck unit theory, the frequency of the Planck units is dictated by dimensionless particle frequency.
  • there are only 2 dimensioned units required to define the 5 SI units; kg, m, s, A, K.
  • our universe is a 4-axis black-hole expanding in incremental steps at the speed of light, time and velocity are constants. We may have a contracting white-hole universe twin feeding our expansion.
  • gravitational orbitals are extensions of nuclear/atomic/molecular orbitals. These orbitals are physical units of momentum, there is no empty space within the atom. It is a gravitational bouyancy and not a gravitational force which keeps us on the earth surface and satellites in orbit. Orbits are the sum of orbitals.