A Planck unit Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

a model of the universe in terms of the geometry of angular momentum
updated 28 May 2015

Postulates a Planck unit Mathematical Universe where our dimensions and units (mass, space, time...) are derived from the Planck units (M = Planck mass, T = Planck time, L = Planck length, V = speed of light etc.) and that these Planck units themselves are the construct of a more fundamental geometry - hence the classification as a Mathematical Universe Hypothesis.
As these Planck units are interlocking geometrical shapes we cannot arbitrarily normalize them to 1, instead we find that M = 1, T = 2pi, V = 2pir2, L = 2pi2r2. . . (see diagram);

We can however combine them to form a natural constant which, although constructed from these dimensioned units MLTV is dimensionless in the sense that it has a constant numerical value regardless of which values for MLTV we use (we are not restricted to the SI units, hence the use of the generic MLTV). This is because the units MLTV are not independent of each other but are geometrically interconnected. This constant is the electron frequency fe. Nobel laureate Leon Lederman once wrote:
My ambition is to see all physics reduced to a formula so elegant and simple that it will fit on a T-shirt

Leon Lederman TOE t-shirt

Calculating the fundamental constants
The radius of LVA (A = ampere) is P, the sqrt of momentum (in SI units the sqrt of Planck momentum). Using an online calculator I demonstrate how we may solve the fundamental constants G, h, e, me, kB... as geometrical shapes with 10-12 digit precision using only P, V=c and alpha the fine structure constant (Ledermans t-shirt). Precision is consistent with CODATA 2014. to online calculator....

A magnetic monopole electron
A monopole has units ampere-meter which in this context becomes AL. Here the monopole is constructed from AL and the fine structure constant. This monopole is then used to construct the formula for the frequency of the electron fe.

magnetic monopole

This monopole resembles the quark of standard physics

Fundamental forces as anti-photon orbitals
In this model the fundamental forces (strong, electric, gravity) are replaced with standing wave orbitals (i.e.: wave functions are replaced by physical waves) resembling photons albeit of opposite phase. In other words, there is no empty space in the atom, the electron and proton are physically linked by an orbital and the moon does not orbit the earth through empty space according to a gravitational force but rather is pulled along by the momentum of gravitational orbitals, themselves extensions of molecular orbitals. Potential and kinetic energies simply reflect the degree of alignment of these orbitals. The strong force is a measure of buoyancy.
The online gravitational wave calculator calculates gravitational wave frequencies for a 1kg object lifted to height h. to online calculator...

Cosmological constant for expanding black-hole universe with contracting white-hole universe twin
Postulates an expanding black-hole universe linked to a contracting white-hole universe twin. Discrete units of momentum are transferred from the white-hole to the black-hole universe forcing this expansion. This gives us Planck time, the arrow of time and corresponding dark energy and the speed of expansion as the speed of light.
The black hole is a 4-D time hyper-sphere whose radius is this expansion timeline. Particles do not have their own momentum; they are instead pulled along by this expansion. Consequently there is no relativity for all particles and photons, regardless of their velocity in 3-D space, are travelling at the speed of light c, such that c is not the limiting speed of the universe, rather it is the only speed, as I type I am travelling at the speed of light in this 4-D hypersphere (the neutrino may be an exception).
Using as the only variable the age of the universe in Planck time units we may solve the CMB cosmic microwave background parameters. Solutions are consistent for a 14.6 billion year old black hole (mass density, radiation energy density, Hubble, black body peak frequency and CMB temperature). The cosmological constant becomes the age of the universe when the CMB reaches absolute zero.
The online calculator demonstrates this relationship to online calculator...


The above is condensed from the book Platos Cave; a model of the universe in terms of the geometry of angular momentum

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