A Planck unit Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

a model of the universe in terms of the geometry of angular momentum
updated 28 May 2015

Postulates a Planck unit Mathematical Universe where our dimensions and units (mass, space, time...) are Planck units (Planck mass, Planck time, Planck length etc) and that these units themselves are the construct of a more fundamental singular geometry - hence the classification as a Mathematical Universe Hypothesis.

As these units are aspects of this singular geometry, we may combine them so as to reflect this geometry, which itself may then be classified as a dimensioned constant for its solution will always give the same numerical value regardless of which units or dimensions are used. As an example, we see that the electron frequency is based upon this geometry (the electron itself is both a dimensioned and a dimensionless constant - see theory) and so we can use this principle to solve the electron mass and the other fundamental constants to a 10-digit precision.

The radius of this geometry is the square root of momentum (denoted Omega) and its spherical nature suggests our universe is the geometry of angular momentum. The Planck units can be derived from the following geometrical shapes.

This site is divided into 4 parts;
1. Gives solutions to the fundamental physical constants in terms of alpha the fine structure constant, the sqrt of Planck momentum, the speed of light and Planck time. Precision of the solutions is limited by the precision of alpha, the fine structure constant.
2. The electron (and so all charges) as a function of magnetic monopoles as ampere-meters (constructed from AL and alpha the fine structure constant). Suggests a Planck unit theory where this electron frequency shell dictates the frequency of the dimensioned Planck units.
3. Replaces the 4 fundamental forces with physical orbitals as units of momentum.
4. Time and the black-hole white-hole universe. Suggests our universe is not a closed system but has a corresponding twin. Cosmological constant defines universe age when CMB temperature reaches absolute zero.

The above is condensed from the (online) book Platos Cave; a model of the universe in terms of the geometry of angular momentum     

Part 1: A Planck unit Mathematical Universe Hypothesis
Solves the physical constants G, h, e, me, kB... as geometrical shapes in terms of the sqrt of momentum, the velocity of light, alpha the fine structure constant and Omega (or the vacuum of permeability μ0 and the Rydberg constant R). An online calculator is provided to confirm the veracity of the results;

read more....

Part 2: Electron as a standing wave magnetic monopole
Proposes a formula for a magnetic monopole (quark) from Planck time tp, -e, -c and alpha.

magnetic monopole

Uses this monopole to solve the mass, charge, wavelength of the electron and the Rydberg constant. Results consistent with CODATA 2014. read more...

download paper: Spherical electron as magnetic monopole

Part 3: Greek Unified Field Theory GUT: 4 forces as 'physical' standing wave orbitals
Replaces the 4 fundamental forces (strong, electric, gravity...) with standing wave orbitals (wave functions are treated as physical waves resembling photons albiet of opposite phase). This offers a rationale for the empty space within an atom, how electrons jump between orbitals in the atom, what are gravitational potential and kinetic energies and the relationship between nuclear binding energy, ionisation energy and escape velocity...

download paper: Unified Field Theory of Anti-photon Orbitals (nuclear, atomic, molecular, gravitational)

The online gravitational wave calculator calculates gravitational wave frequencies for a 1kg object lifted to height h. to calculator...

Part 4: Cosmological constant and expanding black-hole universe with contracting white-hole universe twin
Proposes an expanding rotating black-hole universe with a contracting white-hole universe twin. Planck unit micro black holes are transferred in discrete steps from the white-hole universe to our black-hole universe. Solutions for a 14.6 billion year old black hole consistent with the CMB (cosmic microwave background) mass density, radiation energy density, Hubble, black body peak frequency and CMB temperature.

The online calculator demonstrates this relationship to calculator...

download paper: Time and the Black-hole White-hole Universe

Nobel laureate Leon Lederman once wrote:

'My ambition is to see all physics reduced to a formula so elegant and simple that it will fit on a T-shirt'

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