"We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct"                                     - Niels Bohr, Danish Physicist (1885-1962)

The Black-Hole Electron; A Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

Mathematical realism holds that mathematical entities exist independently of the human mind. Thus humans do not invent mathematics, but rather discover it, and any other intelligent beings in the universe would presumably do the same. Platonism is a theory that numbers or other abstract objects are objective, timeless entities, independent of the physical world and of the symbols used to represent them and echoes the Pythagoras quote; number is the ruler of forms and ideas. The mathematical universe hypothesis (MUH), also known as the Ultimate Ensemble, is a "theory of everything" proposed by the cosmologist Max Tegmark. The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction film in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality called "the Matrix".         

A charged rotating black hole is a black hole that possesses angular momentum and charge rotating about one of its axes of symmetry. If a black hole has the same mass and charge as an electron, then potentially it could share many of the properties of the electron including the magnetic moment and Compton wavelength.

This book Plato's Cave: God and the Black-hole, describes a model of a mathematical universe being a universe of dimensionless geometrical forms to which dimensionality (mass, space, time..) is added via rotation, the engine for which is the expansion of the universe in discrete steps. It proposes that a black-hole itself is dimensionless (without mass, space or time) and that the physical parameters of our measurable physical universe are information stored by such black-holes. 

The model is constructed around a black-hole electron which oscillates via rotation between a dimensionless mathematical-state and a dimensioned physical (magnetic-monopole) electric-state. After each rotation the dimensions of the magnetic-monopole intersect with time and cancel to form a dimensionless black-hole electron.

The veracity of this model depends on its ability to define and solve the physical constants (G, h, c, e, me, kB...) in terms of mathematical forms, a principle requirement for any mathematical universe hypothesis. Results are consistent with CODATA 2014. The model uses 2 dimensionless constants (1 is the fine structure constant alpha) and 2 dimensioned scalars whose numerical values depend on the system of units being used, if we were to met an alien for example, his value for the speed of light would not correspond to our c = 299792458m/s for he would not use our meters or our seconds and so to solve his constants using his system of units we would need to adjust these 2 scalars proportionately.

Furthermore, as our physical dimensions are constructs of mathematical forms; then mass, space and time are themselves constants. Relativity then becomes the means to translate from our geo-centric 4-D spacetime to this 4-axis hypersphere black-hole universe.

In summary, this model, which is constructed around a black-hole electron formula that extrapolates to a non-relativistic expanding black-hole universe with a contracting white-hole universe twin, defines the physical constants in terms of a universal set of formulas. There is already much information on the web concerning these subjects themselves and so I have included only very brief introductions to the topics, this site is primarily devoted to the mathematics of the model itself. The philosophical implications are intriguing, these have been moved to another site, for although the philosophy is centered on the physics, I would prefer the debates be separated.